Lyme Disease

Exmoor and other regions are known to have sheep and deer ticks that could be carrying the infection known as Lyme borreliosis.

For more information on Lyme Disease go the Lyme Disease Action (LDA) web site or the Tick Alert site.

As organisers of the North Devon and Exmoor Walking Festival, we recommend that particularly when walking in Exmoor, that is it wise to wear long trousers and walking boots. Bare arms can also attract ticks from gorse and high bracken, so try not to brush against these or wear sleeves. This should prevent the ticks reaching your skin.

Shorts and sandals worn particularly in bracken and long grass is opening you up to ticks attaching themselves to your skin. Should you find a tick embedded in your skin, do not try pulling it out as you are likely to leave the head in your skin which will become infected. Instead visit a doctor who will be able to remove it thoroughly. The sooner you detect a tick bite, the less chance of getting Lyme disease.

A report in the Times warning walkers about ticks and Lyme Disease can be found here.

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