This year there are 28 guided walks to choose from, from half day walks to more challenging all day walks

This year there are 28 guided walks to choose from, from half day walks to more challenging all day walks post thumbnail image

This year there are 28 guided walks to choose from, from half day walks to more challenging all day walks. The guides will teach you the history and geography of Exmoor, the importance of walking and what’s on offer at this year’s festival.

The Exmoor walking route is one of the longest walking routes in the UK and is a fantastic walk for all ages. Walking on an abandoned railway line gives you a very different perspective on life in Exmoor.

With this free guided walking tour you can discover one of the best walks to experience the beauty of this wonderful coastal landscape while exploring the history and culture of this part of England. There are many fascinating sites along the way, such as a working pumping station, sea coal mine and ancient stone circles (or cromlechs). You will also see beautiful views across some of England’s most famous scenic sights, such as Dartmoor National Park or Pen y Fan woodlands.

The Exmoor walking is a famous walking trail in the county of Devon that stretches for about 2 miles. The walk begins at Maryport and ends at Low Newton, taking about 3 hours to complete the entire route. The northernmost part of Britain’s longest-standing footpath, it covers over 1,000 acres of open countryside and passes through many historic landmarks such as Greyfriars church, the ruins of Devil’s Dyke and Devil’s Tump. Being located 400 km away from London, it’s no wonder that one can find plenty of people on this fantastic walk to enjoy themselves!

Walkers can choose a walk based on their level of fitness, the duration of the walk and other factors.

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Things are changing rapidly and there are many places to explore in the world, so why not try it? There are 28 guided walks planned for this years Exmoor.

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The walks are guided by English native speaker who has an expertise in the area.

This one is a great stroll for beginners, or to try new walks in a small group. It offers marvelous views of Exmoor and the surrounding countryside. You can get there by car only.

This walk will take you through farmland to the beautiful coastal village of West Kennet. A wide variety of species thrive here – red deer, fallow deer, wild boar and foxes as well as birds such as pheasants, swans and cranes. The gardens are filled with unusual plants that have graced gardens across Kent over the centuries – yew hedges with purple flowers on their dark green stalks; heathers that come in yellow and red and purple irises; roses with long-lasting leaves that last year after year; delphiniums at

The Exmoor walking is a well-known outdoor festival in the UK. It is held each year from May to September. There are more than 50 walks running through the beautiful English county of Devon, with over 400 miles of walking trails and 120 miles of cycle tracks. The festival was first held in 1973, but only became a popular annual event in 1996.

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